Your favourite global companies continue to endure global shortages

    Your favourite global companies continue to endure global shortages
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    As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping shortages, a breakdown of the global supply chain systems and labour shortages in several areas of the world are translating into huge losses in production for many global companies. Here are some major companies that are currently facing shortages:

    The world’s most famous fast-food chain has had to resort to taking off items from its menus in several regions as it runs out of raw material due to crippling supply chain shortages in Europe and the UK. In the US, and some other regions, the noted company is facing another shortage — that of labour.
    General Motors: One of the largest automakers in the world, General Motors recently warned of the continuing slump in production due to the ongoing global semiconductor shortage in its latest earnings report.
    Intel: One of the biggest names in the semiconductor ecosystem, Intel is responsible for designing, manufacturing and selling many of the semiconductor chips that the world uses today. But its CEO, Pat Gelsinger, said that the shortage may last till 2023 as global supply chains are making it hard for manufacturers to catch up with the backlog.
    Samsung: Global electronics major and another leader in semiconductor production, Samsung saw some of its highest profits in years while at the same time it has warned of continued issues in semiconductor production due to component shortages.
    Amazon: One of the largest companies in the world, Amazon has increased its wages to deal with the severe labour shortage. With the Christmas season coming up, the company hopes to shore up its workforce to tackle the difficult yet profitable season.
    Apple: Apple CEO Tim Cook recently revealed during an earnings call that the world’s most valuable company suffered losses in excess of $6 billion in its latest quarter following its inability to produce iPhones at the maximum capacity. The slump in production is due to the global semiconductor shortage.
    Nike: Sportswear and fashion label giant Nike warned consumers and investors alike that it is facing product shortages due to the crippled supply chains that run from its factories in Asia to its markets in Europe and North America as large ports remained backed up with ships needing to offload their goods, and container shortages only exacerbating the situation.
    Costco: The retail giant has warned consumers that it has been facing shortages for some of its products as it reintroduced limits on how many items a single customer could purchase. One item that has been emblematic of the COVID-19 pandemic, the toilet paper roll, is short in supply at many places.
    Wine: Ahead of the festive season, wineries have been facing a shortage of wine bottles. The issue has arisen from supply chains that have yet to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a result, wine may be in short supply in many areas.
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