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This Ratan Tata-backed startup will deliver diesel at your doorstep

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This Ratan Tata-backed startup will deliver diesel at your doorstep


Repos Energy plans to manufacture and sell 3,200 units of its mobile petrol pump Beta, each of which has a capacity of 3,000 litres of fuel, to ensure doorstep delivery across several cities. 

This Ratan Tata-backed startup will deliver diesel at your doorstep
Repos Energy, a startup backed by Ratan Tata, has now launched a mobile petrol pump that will allow corporate entities and individuals to order doorstep diesel delivery. The company announced the launch of Repos 2.0 Beta mobile petrol pump. Beta will travel through multiple cities across India to generate brand recognition. 
The mobile petrol pump has a capacity of up to 3,000 litres, but can also fulfil  orders as small as 100 litres to customers. Users can book their required amount through the Repos app. 

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Chetan Walunj, co-founder, Repos Energy, said, “We are excited about getting on to the next level of growth in our journey so far. There is going to be a growing demand for fuels in the coming years, and we need to be prepared with efficient delivery services preventing wastage and ensure it is monitored and systematic at the same time. The Beta model is the culmination of countless hours of  effort in building a robust framework, and we have done a lot to ensure that the organisation has built a solid base. It is now time for an energy distribution revolution."
The brand envisions Beta being used by petrol pump operators to increase their reach, especially in remote regions of the country. The mobile pump will also allow operators to cater to rapidly rising demand in various key sectors. Beta comes with features like geo-fencing and GPS trackers, and the ‘Break Interlock’ feature which prevents spills from occurring. 
Repos Energy, which was founded three years ago, had earlier indicated that it was planning on manufacturing and selling 3,200 mobile petrol pumps in FY21. 
Co-founder Aditi Bhosale Walunj had said: "We have a fleet of 320 vehicles out of which over 100 are fully operational and working to deliver fuel across India. But now, our target is to build and sell 3,200 RMPPs in one year."
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