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    After 14 years, price of matchbox to be hiked to Rs 2

    After 14 years, price of matchbox to be hiked to Rs 2
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    By PTI Oct 31, 2021 9:41:58 AM IST (Published)

    The price has been increased following the increase in the cost of all 14 key materials.

    Effective December 1, the price of a matchbox would be Rs 2 from the present Re 1 and this is in view of a rise in production cost, triggered by an increase in price of raw materials, the industry body said. Consumers would, however, get more matchsticks in a box when they buy it at Rs 2, up from 36 matchsticks to 50 per box.

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    The proposed price increase comes after a gap of 14 years, Secretary of the National Small Matchbox Manufacturers Association, VS Sethurathinam said. The price of raw materials has increased leading to a jump in cost of production, he said, adding, "We have no other option but to increase the selling (Maximum Retail Price) price."
    The price of all the 14 key raw materials has increased. "A kilo of red phosphorous has increased from Rs 410 to Rs 850, wax from Rs 72 to Rs 85, potassium chlorate Rs 68 to Rs 80, splints (sticks) from Rs 42 to Rs 48. Outer box Rs 42 to Rs 55 and inner box from Rs 38 to Rs 48. Like this, the price of all raw materials have increased manifold," he said.
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