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Accelerate your business with Infor and Amazon Web Services

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Accelerate your business with Infor and Amazon Web Services

Accelerate your business with  Infor and Amazon Web Services
The need for cloud-based business systems
Progress is easy with Infor® and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Together, the companies help make businesses more agile and resilient in the face of change, large and small.
Digitization has irrevocably changed the pace of business. Organizations across all industries know that access to technology enables them to move faster, and their customers, partners, and suppliers to interact in new ways.
Moving quickly is critical to business. Organizations need the flexibility and agility to quickly pivot, offer new digital services in response to market changes, and be more efficient in their operations. The resiliency that comes from well-designed systems allows businesses to ensure continuity in the event of unplanned change.
Core business systems are integral to meeting these needs, yet all too often they can be a source of friction instead. Legacy on-premises systems can be rigid, complex, and hard to scale, making them expensive to maintain or upgrade.
Infor and AWS support a faster path to transformation. Together, they offer organizations industry-specific, multi-tenant business cloud software, enabling organizations to be more agile, resilient, and efficient in responding to customer needs.
Doubling down on innovation
Infor and AWS came together to innovate and deliver new value to customers, faster.
In 2014, Infor and AWS came together to envision opportunities to expand the value of Infor’s offerings. Infor moved its comprehensive industry enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to AWS to focus on new product innovations instead of the timeconsuming business of managing infrastructure hardware. Charles Phillips, Infor’s CEO at the time, summed up the new direction by noting that “Friends don’t let friends build data centers.” Over the years, the focus on uncovering innovation has yielded opportunities to create additional customer value. For example, AWS and Infor worked together to meet the stringent security and privacy requirements of the US government to be able to offer a FedRAMP compliant solution on the AWS GovCloud. Similarly, the companies worked to accelerate production of a secure Data Lake-as-a-Service offering, providing customers a foundation for extracting more value from their data with additional services, like AI-driven predictive analytics. Working together, AWS and Infor collaborate on new developments, strategies, and go-to-market initiatives that enrich customer experiences and make possible new lines of business. Also, because Infor, powered by AWS, provides customers automatic upgrades, customers benefit from the faster pace of innovation. The value behind these collaborations was recognized in 2020 when Infor named AWS its Global Innovation Partner of the Year.
Tailored functionality makes CloudSuite™ more relevant for customers
Infor and AWS offer businesses a faster path to transformation through business systems that are tailored to specific industries.
At the heart of Infor’s approach is a unique industry focus. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all ERP solution, Infor instead offers customers industryspecific versions through its CloudSuite offerings. That approach provides businesses with tailored functionality relevant to the specific needs within their industry.
Infor’s CloudSuite is built using AWS infrastructure, which brings customers additional agility, performance, scalability, and security. CloudSuite also offers customers the ability to tap into more than 175 fully-featured services offered by AWS that enhance Infor’s service offerings.
Benefits of Infor powered on AWS
▪ Extend the value of your Infor investments With Infor powered by AWS, you gain faster access to new features and functionality, which are delivered automatically to your cloud-based products with no lengthy upgrades, patches, or downtime needed. Also, you gain the advantage of co-engineered functionality, increasing the value you derive from your solution. For example, you can automate analytics workflows to pull data from your Infor system, run AWSpowered AI/ML to create insights, then bring those insights back into your Infor solution for action, to correct quality problems or improve demand planning.
▪ Meet security and compliance requirements with confidence through the built-in security and compliance controls in AWS services and Infor products. For example, Infor products for the public sector are built on the AWS GovCloud, which provides increased security and compliance with regulations like FedRAMP. Also, the companies employ multiple layers of overlapping security in order to safeguard customer data.
▪ Scale cloud with ease as your company grows and changes, without costly infrastructure investments, while sustaining predictable cloud costs and aligning IT spend to actual demand.
▪ Increase resiliency and business continuity with Infor products on proven AWS infrastructure, which is designed and built for redundancy and reliability. Infor provides customers with a minimum service level of 99.7% availability; in the event of an outage, loads will automatically shift to other infrastructure and automatically scale to provide the right capacity without disruptions to productivity.
Manufacturing and distribution 
Manufacturers and distributers seek to increase business agility and have greater ability to offer modern digital experiences to their people, suppliers, and customers. Yet all too often, they are relying on outdated core business systems that hamper their ability to scale and move fast.
Infor’s specialized solutions, like CloudSuite for Industrial Manufacturers or CloudSuite for Wholesale Distributors, which run on AWS, are helping manufacturers and distributers to be more agile, resilient, and able to offer differentiated experiences. They can:
▪ Drive operational efficiencies across your business and supply chain, enabling cost savings and improved productivity. For example, gaining greater on-time delivery, improving labor productivity, increasing inventory accuracy at the warehouse bin/location level, and reducing fulfillment costs.
▪ Make data accessible and actionable by extending the capabilities of CloudSuite with additional solutions and intelligent automation that enable more accurate and faster decision making. For example, integration with Infor Birst makes business intelligence and analytics easy to consume with pre-built industry and role-specific content and metrics.
▪ Increase resiliency and reliability of your business by leveraging a cloud solution that offers AWS’ high availability, to protect against manufacturing or distribution disruptions.
▪ Enable distributed services that offer modern digital experiences and new levels of value for customers. For example, value-added services, such as predictive maintenance and mobile field service, can help customers run their business better and differentiate from competitors.
Across the healthcare industry, providers are seeking to improve patient care through more innovative and efficient patient experiences and services, while supporting patients and medical staff with modern technologies that help reduce operational costs and improve quality of service.
Infor’s cloud-based industry solutions, like Infor CloudSuite Healthcare, which delivers end-to-end ERP financial and accounting, supply chain, and HR capabilities, help healthcare providers optimize operations and improve patient care, while keeping vital data secure. Providers can:
▪ Improve patient care by providing clinicians with a unified view of patient data, so they can make better-informed care decisions, and by enabling virtual patient care via telemedicine, virtual chats/ messaging, and more.
▪ Make data accessible and actionable by using Infor’s powerful integration tools to combine diverse data sets (from imaging data, to wearable data, to EHRs, etc.) and bringing a unified view. Infor’s Cloverleaf Integration Suite, for example, excels at bridging multiple data sources and making them accessible to the right people at the right time. As well, by connecting data to the cloud, healthcare organizations can apply additional Infor products or AWS services for advanced analytics or ML/AI to generate predictive insights that help drive better decision making.
▪ Increase security and compliance With Infor’s CloudSuite and other core products running on AWS, customers benefit from a robust cloud infrastructure created to meet some of the most stringent security needs on the planet and that offer comprehensive compliance controls, such as HIPAA/HITECH, and others.
▪ Optimize operations enabling healthcare providers to improve staffing and scheduling to better meet the changing needs of clinics and centers and reduce turnover as well as equipment downtime, or improve the efficiency of patient and process flows.
Consumer industries like Fashion, Retail, and Food & Beverage are increasingly shifting to more digital service models. To succeed, consumer businesses need the agility to pivot quickly to more effectively respond to rapid market fluctuations, while driving higher rates of efficiencies across their operations and supply chain processes.
Infor’s CloudSuite for Fashion, for Retail, and for Food & Beverage offer consumer firms a faster, easier path to transformation, so you can:
▪ Respond faster to change by making data more accessible and actionable, to deliver greater insights on consumer behavior and forecasts of future trends. Customers can benefit from Infor and AWS investments in advanced analytics, ML, and AI, which provide tools to extract greater intelligence from data, such as predictions on inventory or labor trends. Also, because Infor CloudSuite is built on AWS, customers can leverage the global scale of AWS Regions to support rapid expansion to new international markets.
▪ Accelerate innovation by quickly building new custom-built functionality on top of your Infor products by tapping their built-in extensibility capabilities or adding additional AWS cloud services. Customers can also opt to test development concepts on AWS, minimizing cost and risk, and accelerating testing and learnings for your people.
▪ Drive operational efficiencies by optimizing staff, simplifying the sourcing of vendors, and supporting real-time decision making. Infor also provides additional optional services that can extend core functionality with product lifecycle management, asset management, demand planning, and warehouse management.
Public sector
Public sector organizations, from aerospace and defense, to federal, state, or local governments, need their solutions to be secure and help support complex compliance requirements. Infor and AWS provide the security and compliance public sector customers need to keep their organization running efficiently. Customers can:
▪ Increase security and compliance of data by leveraging Infor CloudSuite solutions running on AWS, and taking advantage of built-in security controls in Infor products and AWS that reduce the burden of configuring and managing those controls. Also, the AWS cloud offers comprehensive compliance controls to meet standards and requirements like ISO 9001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, FedRAMP, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, and SRG Impact Levels 2, 4, 5, and 6.
▪ Simplify business continuity strategies By taking advantage of AWS infrastructure, Infor solutions help you to develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans at less cost than traditional solutions.
Accelerate business impact with Infor and AWS
With CloudSuite powered by AWS, you gain cloudbased enterprise software applications, built on experience in key verticals, that can meet the specific industry needs of your organization. Infor’s CloudSuite solutions provide a powerful and extensible platform that helps organizations drive efficiencies, improve customer and employee experiences, and deliver innovations that build differentiation.
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