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cnbctv-18 budget 2019 expect cnbctv-18 budget 2019 expect


vital stats

Sector Allocation
FY20 Gross Mkt Borrowing Pegged
Rs 7.1 Lk Cr
FY20 Net Mkt Borrowing  Pegged
Rs 4.73 Lk Cr
FY20 Gilt Repayment Pegged
Rs 2.36 Lk Cr
FY20 Revenue Deficit Target Pegged
FY20 RBI & PSU Banks' Dividend Pegged
Rs 82,900 Cr
FY20 Divestment Target
Rs 90,000 Cr
FY19 Dividend From RBI, PSU Banks Pegged
Rs 74,100 Cr
FY20 Dividend From PSU Units Pegged
Rs 53,160 Cr
FY20 Gilt Buyback Pegged
Rs 50,000 Cr
FY20 Food Subsidy Seen
Rs 1.84 Lk Cr
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