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    IndiGo takes a fair share of sky from Air India and Air Asia

    IndiGo takes a fair share of sky from Air India and Air Asia

    IndiGo takes a fair share of sky from Air India and Air Asia
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    By Dipikka Ghosh   IST (Updated)


    IndiGo has emerged as the preferred airline among flyers as the company sees a sharp increase in market share gains in April 2022, eating into the share of peers like Air Asia. 

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    In April 2022, the month that saw domestic air traffic take off by 90.5 percent over the previous month, IndiGo managed to attract customers who left peers like Air India and Air Asia, thereby seeing a sharp increase in its market share.
    As per a report by ICICI Securities, IndiGo’s growing market dominance was first visible in March 2022 when its share went up by almost 4 percentage points to 54.8 percent.
    In the subsequent month, IndiGo's market share expanded to 58.9 percent. IndiGo and Go Air were the only two to gain customers in April, while all other airlines lost market share.
    Here's a look at IndiGo's market share gains on a month-on-month basis:
    Despite IndiGo's growing dominance, investors are not impressed. The stock closed at Rs 1,645.05, down 2.23 percent from the previous close, on BSE on Wednesday. The scrip hit a low of Rs 1,627.45 around 13:40.
    The stock has been on a losing spree and has fallen consecutively for the last two days in a row, underperforming the sector by 0.62 percent.
    The report showed there had been an uptick in the average daily domestic traffic, which stood at 3,75,000 for the week ended May 21, 2022, up from 3,68,000 in the previous week.
    This comes as a relief as all major airlines, including IndiGo, witnessed a sequential dip in passenger load factor (PLF) in the month of April, as per the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
    The PLF is an important metric that measures how much of an airline’s passenger carrying capacity is used. However, it should not be confused with the aeronautic load factor, as PLF only measures capacity utilisation.
    Here's a look at the passenger load factor of airlines in April 2022: 
    (Source: DGCA)
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