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Passenger coughs on Uber driver, refuses to wear mask, then rips off driver’s mask

Passenger coughs on Uber driver, refuses to wear mask, then rips off driver’s mask
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By CNBCTV18.com Mar 12, 2021 5:31:53 PM IST (Updated)

The incident occurred in San Francisco; draws a lot of criticism after a 43-second video goes viral

A passenger began hurling abuses and racial slurs at her Uber driver in San Francisco, allegedly because he asked her to wear a face mask. The driver said that he had stopped at a gas station to allow the woman — who had boarded the cab with two of her friends — to buy a face mask, but she refused to wear it. The driver claimed that the woman and her friends threatened to beat him up, and added that one of them even tried to spray pepper on his face.

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A 43-second video of the incident shot by the driver went viral. In the clip, the woman is heard saying, “F*** the mask.”
The incident has drawn a lot of criticism after the video went viral on Tuesday. Condemning the behaviour by the woman and her friends, Uber tweeted: “This behavior is completely unacceptable and goes against our Community Guidelines.”
The incident occurred on Sunday. The driver, Subhakar Khadka, picked up the woman and two of her friends. Khadka said that he was attacked after trying to get the unruly group of women out of his cab for not following Uber’s mask policy. While riding in Uber, passengers and drivers are required to wear a face mask.
In the 43-second video clip, the woman in the rear seat of the cab is seen screaming at and coughing into Khadka’s face. As she realises he’s filming the act, she snatches his mobile phone from him and plucks his mask from his face. Khadka claims that he rushed out of the car when he realised that one of the passengers was about to spray pepper on his face.
In another video clip, the woman passenger is heard saying that she planned plans to sue Uber.
Apart from Uber, cab sharing platform Lyft, too, tweeted that they had permanently removed the rider from their platform.
Khadka, who hails from Nepal, has been residing in the US for eight years. He said he has faced similar assaults a lot, but the latest incident was of a completely different level.
Instances of conflicts over wearing masks have increased of late. Last year, in October, two sisters in Chicago allegedly stabbed a guard 27 times when he asked them to wear face masks.
In February-end, a man in New Orleans fatally shot a police officer who stopped him from entering a basketball game without wearing a mask.
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