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All you need to know about charging your EV at home

All you need to know about charging your EV at home

All you need to know about charging your EV at home
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By CNBCTV18.com Mar 7, 2022 4:03:44 PM IST (Published)

Looking to buy an EV but don’t know what you need to charge it at home? Here’s a guide for you.

If you own an electric car or are looking to buy one, you are probably aware of the lack of charging facilities around you. Today, maps and locators are needed to find a public charging facility for EVs. Therefore, charging EVs at home seems to be a dream solution. There are a few things that future/current EV owners need to check before deciding to go for this option.

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Space and electricity output points are the first and foremost requirement for an EV charging station at home. It is ideal to have a dedicated parking space with arrangements concerning electrical connections, sockets and space for the station depending on the type.
Selecting a charger
There are broadly two types of chargers available -- Type 1 AC charger and Type 2 wallbox charger. With Type 1, you can charge from an AC socket, but it is 3 kWh slower. The Type 2 or the wallbox is usually offered and installed for free by car companies currently. There are other fast chargers available as well. The cost of setting up an EV charging station in India ranges from Rs 3,000 to Rs 2 lakh depending on the type of charger and other costs involved in installation.
Cost of charging
Battery capacity of current electric cars ranges from 20-45 kWh. An average of 15 units of electricity is consumed per day to charge EVs. The cost of charging your car will depend on the power tariff in your state which may range from Rs 8-10 per unit. In Delhi, the domestic rate varies from Rs 3-8 per unit. This means you will spend Rs 160-450 to charge your vehicle at home in Delhi for 200-300 km range depending on the size of the battery.
Brands that are providing installation services
Most car makers like Tata, Hyundai and MG provide installation services when buying an electric car. Apart from these, companies like Charzer, Statiq, Magenta, goEgo network, ChargeMOD, Evotpoint, EVQpoint and Zevpoint provide charging station installation services in different cities of India.
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