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    Add on insurance covers you should opt for to protect your car during Monsoon

    Add on insurance covers you should opt for to protect your car during Monsoon

    Add on insurance covers you should opt for to protect your car during Monsoon
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    Many car insurance policies don’t cover the damages caused to your vehicle because of rain or any other weather conditions.

    Approaching monsoon rains can mean a respite from India’s sweltering heat, but the rains also bring about headaches for car owners. Waterlogging, traffic jams and possible waterboarding in your vehicles are a few imminent problems which could adversely impact your vehicle during the monsoon. Unfortunately, many car owners find out the hard way that their basic car insurance policies do not cover any damages as a result of rain or other weather conditions.
    While a comprehensive policy will help you out in such situations, in most cases car insurances only cover damages related to accidents. These policies do not cover damages that result from force majeure – a term used to refer to events like natural calamities and man-made disasters.
    In order to be fully protected in these situations, it is best to buy additional insurance covers for your vehicle. Here are some of the most important add-on insurance covers that you should be looking at.
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    Engine protection 
    Engines are often the biggest cost component in a traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle. So, when engines are damaged due to flooding or water logging you can expect to shell out huge payments for repairs. That’s why it’s a smart idea to grab the engine protection cover for your vehicle insurance when given the chance. Just ensure that your add-on covers damage from natural and manmade disasters as well.
    Roadside assistance
    Roadside assistance becomes absolutely vital during heavy rains when you may get stranded on road with your vehicle due to waterlogging. With no chance of getting out of the vehicle and even pushing it to the nearest safe location, you’re at the mercy of towers and private roadside assistance providers. With this cover, you are not only off the hook for payment of any roadside assistance but you can also get reliable mechanics or towers through your insurance as well.
    Outstation emergency
    The monsoon season is time for road trips and vacations. If your vehicle suffers any damage from rain when you are out for a vacation you could be in serious trouble. With an outstation emergency rider, you don’t only get roadside assistance at whatever location you’re stranded but also you can get financial security in case of any mishaps.
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