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Latha Venkatesh

Latha Venkatesh


Latha began her career in CNBC-TV18 as chief of the Mumbai News Bureau. Over the years, she has come to be recognized as one of the keenest watchers of the Reserve Bank of India and a respected commentator on banking sector issues, money markets and macroeconomic trends. She has been a business journalist for years and has specialized in covering all markets - stocks, currency debt and commodities. She has also had stints in all major streams of media having worked in Economic Times and Dow Jones newswires for five years each. Latha graduated in Economics and Politics and has a doctoral degree in Political Science.

Articles by Latha Venkatesh

RBI dividend to government: Justified for now, but beware of setting a precedent
Economy 24 May 07:28 AM IST

RBI dividend to government: Justified for now, but beware of setting a precedent

  • The RBI gave an estimate of Rs 45,000-50,000 crore for dividend in December. How did it manage to account for double the amount of dividend?
Economy 07 Apr 10:07 PM IST

RBI is the hero for today; tomorrow is another day

RBI has brilliantly silenced sceptics, by announcing a government securities acquisition programme, a smart way of telling banks, "I will definitely buy the bonds that you buy from the government"

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Explainer: What is development finance bank and why we need them

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MRPL expects Rs 100-150 crore per year benefit from Kochi- Mangaluru pipe commissioning, says MD

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Economy 20 Nov 09:21 PM IST

RBI report on private bank ownership signals a big shift in stance; here's what experts say

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